Film Festival

Putnam County Film & Video FestivalThe Putnam County Film & Video Festival was sponsored by Putnam Valley Arts and held at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center in Putnam Valley, New York. It was a great success and lasted for five years.

The 5th Annual Film Festival was open to the whole world! Surprisingly, the vast majority of films still originated from within Putnam and Westchester County, showing a strong presence of filmmakers in the area.

The Taconic Outdoor Education Center main lodge has a nice homey feeling – huge dark timber-trusses above, an enormous stone fireplace and round tables and chairs for the viewers to relax by as they watched films on a 9 foot high by 12 foot wide screen. The screening room is dark enough for the XGA video projector to show beautiful high-res Betacam and digital video images. Live-feed television monitors were in the adjoining conversation rooms where snacks and refreshments are sold all day, including fresh hot popcorn. Some folks preferred to watch the films on these live TV monitors as they chat and network with other filmmakers by displays and artwork. Filmmakers were encouraged to promote themselves by bringing printed materials and flyers for display on the PR table. You just never know what connections you can make.

The trademark tradition of the Putnam County Film & Video Festival was to bring together artists of all types to see the films, meet each other and try to make connections with other filmmakers, musicians, graphic and fine artists, actors, writers, producers, directors and potential film crew personnel who usually work far from home. This film festival was geared to help the artists connect with each other and to encourage emerging talent in a non-threatening country atmosphere.

Visit our YouTube channel to see  videos from past film festivals.